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Tool Management

Valley Tool recognizes that every company has unique procurement needs. We strive to meet those needs by offering Tool Management options designed with different technology levels to reduce or eliminate acquisition costs.

All of our Tool Management options offer flexibility and adaptability. Together, we will determine the most cost effective technology level to meet your needs and objectives. Whether is be a complete vendor managed inventory or inventory management stocking options such a dedicated inventories or consignment programs – we will help you control inventory, waste, and costs.

Research has shown that:

  • 20% of a machinist's time is spent looking for tools
  • 16% of scheduled jobs are stopped by a lack of tooling
  • 40-80% of a supervisor's time is spent chasing tools
  • 30-60% of tool inventory is out of control

Cost savings and increased productivity can give a payback in months when any quality Tool Management system is implemented, including an average of 50% savings on freight expenses.

Automated Tool Dispensing Machines (ADM)

  • ADMs provide 24/7 unmanned dispensing of supplies at the "point of use," without sacrificing control, accountability and security.
  • ADM inventory avoids costly stock-outs.
  • ADMs can come in the form of helical vending machines, carousel tray vending machines, lockers, or industrial drawers.
  • ADMs are programmable to maintain an established inventory level, and have the capability of automatically reordering tooling when a pre-determined reorder point is reached.
  • Reports can be generated to show customers' usage trends and tool consumption per job, cell or plant, providing greater accountability.
  • Dispensing can be per employee, allowing everyone an authorization card and providing traceability. Authorization can be granted per employee and per item, preventing unauthorized tool dispensing.
  • ADMs are performance-engineered for harsh, industrial environments, and designed for high-volume, trouble-free dispensing.
  • Configured to dispense a wide array of products.
  • Trays, dividers and helixes in the machines are highly configurable, allowing for a wide mix of product storage.
  • Machines can be placed in cells or other high use areas to decrease the time spent retrieving supplies.
  • Ability to manage expendable, durable and reworkable inventory.

Tool Scanning System

  • Easy to implement. Easy to learn. Easy to use.
  • Can be implemented using virtually any tool storage cabinet – including your existing standard storage units.
  • Expands to remote tool cribs/storage units eliminating non-productive operator travel time to get tools.
  • When supplies reach a designated minimum re-order point, order information is sent via the internet to the distributor.
  • Re-order quantities can be pre-determined or entered at the time of scan to prevent over-stocks.
  • Reports to the customer are generated to track usage, and control obsolescence.
  • Reduces the time spent on purchase orders since they are being generated at the "point of use."
  • Paper is virtually eliminated while a defined audit trail is maintained.
  • Items are secure until needed providing multi-level security and dynamic reporting capabilities.
  • Reduces inventory levels while improving inventory accuracy and accountability.
  • Utilizes bar code technology to improve accuracy, efficiency and user acceptance.

Min/Max System

  • Inventory needs can be determined through weekly physical reviews by the customer or Valley Tool personnel, as well as computerized "Smart Cribs" that interface with our servers.
  • Maintain traditional Min/Max inventory in a tool crib setting. When an item's inventory level reaches minimum, it is replenished up to the indicated maximum.
  • "Smart Cribs" can also be used to track which job, department, machine, cell, or operator withdraws tooling, enabling management to accurately determine tool usage per job.

Tool Crib Access

  • Provides secure and controllable entry into cribs and storerooms.
  • Password entry device options include touch screen, keypad or bar code scanner, and magnetic strip and proximity card readers.
  • Electromagnetic lock with flexible mounting brackets and 1,500 lbs. of direct holding force.
  • Designed for gates and doors.
  • Exit Push Button for convenient exiting of room.
  • No moving parts - low maintenance. Access to a crib or storeroom is restricted and entry history maintained.
  • Flexible configuration. Easy to implement.
  • Material is secure until needed.
  • Provides multi-level security and dynamic reporting capabilities.
  • Reduces shrinkage and increases security.
  • Utilizes automatic reader technology to improve accuracy, efficiency and user acceptance.
  • 24/7 control of cribs and storerooms.

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