tool coating

Tool Coating

Today's demanding machining operations mean more stress and wear on tooling. Tool coatings improve performance and longevity by increasing the surface hardness and reducing surface friction. In the areas of machining and tooling, PVD coatings are widely used to increase the life and productivity of production tools saving companies billions of dollars worldwide.

Tool Coatings Increase Tool Life by:

  • Providing a thermal barrier between the cutting edge & the workpiece
  • Increasing the hardness on the surface of the tool
  • Increasing lubricity for better chip flow and evacuation (less heat)
  • Minimizing built up edge (improved surface finish)
  • Reducing abrasive wear

The use of PVD Coatings saves companies money in 3 ways:

  1. PVD coated tools can be run faster reducing cycle times and enabling the production of more components in less time.
  2. PVD coatings reduce wear and pickup reducing downtime due to tool replacement.
  3. PVD coatings reduce the need for cutting fluid. Cutting fluids cost companies today up to 15% of their total production costs. PVD coatings can be run dry or with very limited amount of fluid.

Use PVD Coatings for:

  • Wear resistance
  • Fretting/Galling/Sticking
  • Environment/Corrosion
  • Cryogenic to high temperature applications
  • Wear resistance on precision components
  • Adhesive wear
  • Smooth operation of moving components
  • Sliding wear
  • Low friction
  • Hold sharp edges and corners
  • Non-stick, easy release
  • Cavitation erosion prevention
  • Inert, biocompatible surfaces
  • Conductive – does not oxidize
  • Non-reactive surface
  • Erosion resistance

The use and properties of the various PVD coatings available can be tailored to your cutting application. Please view our coating recommendations chart or contact us - Our staff can assist in finding a tool coating solution best suited for your specific needs.

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